In my mind

07.05.2010 21:01

 Gabriel Gaina -


Once upon a time,
Not far away from now,
Some spell came down on me ,
So strong, with unexpected vibes.

It was you that cause me such a thrill,
You forced my eyes to open wide,
And even if I tried to close my eyes,
No chance at all for me to hide:
Your imagine was already in my mind…

And I became a part of you,
And you a part of me,
I stand by your side since then,
And try to understand you,
I cry with you when you are sad,
And we enjoy the better days,
I talk to you, you sing to me,
Together we are strong…

Again you cause me such a thrill,
And I thank you for this,
But what a shame !
Cause all of these just happen in my mind…



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